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Our Story

Hi! My name is Merissa Silva and I am the owner of The Tipsy Pony Traveling Bar. I am the crazy one who came home one day and told my fiancé months before our own wedding that I had bought a horse trailer and wanted to make it into a mobile bar. My now husband Steven Silva (nope he didn't take off) is a carpenter and some how worked 40+ hours a week, made time for his family and transformed a horse trailer that you wouldn't give a second glance into the eye catching bar on wheels Tipsy Pony. Steven and I have a little spit fire 2 year old Shania Silva who always wanted to help mom and dad while we were working on Tipsy. And now we are excitedly awaiting the arrival of baby number 2 Lane Silva. 

It all wouldn't have been possible with out a couple friends and family members who are as crazy as we are helping us make this dream reality.

After a lot of hard work and a lot more weird looks as I explained what we were doing. The Tipsy Pony Traveling Bar is ready to serve them up strong at your next event!

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